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How to find Better Balance for Social Media Posts

It might interest you to know that stats show that of the 84% of real estate agents who use social media, all agree that their social media pages do not generate sales inquiries. The issue lies not in social media itself, but the type of posts and social media pages being used. The trick is to find a better balance for your social media posts so you are sharing information that is helpful to followers.

YouTube Preferred by House Hunters

When it comes to listing with an agent, 73% of home sellers want an agent who will use video to sell their home. Although virtual tours are a dime a dozen and found all across real estate sites, 51% of home buyers actually prefer to start their home search on YouTube. However, only 12% of agents have YouTube accounts.

YouTube accounts are easy to set up and are a perfect place to post your virtual tours, videos about your services and even community tours that can help educate buyers. Your YouTube account also shows sellers that you know how to use video to their advantage.

Keep in mind that 45% of online searches resulted in a walkthrough of the homes found. Apparently those selling their homes have an inkling that this is the case and will want in on that enticing stat. As well, real estate listings that feature video such as a virtual tour see 403% more inquiries than those that don’t.

Facebook Preferred by Agents

79% of real estate agents have a Facebook account where they post their listings, yet this is not something their followers and “friends” want to see. A study performed by coSchedule and Buffer discovered that the most popular posts people like to share are not related to the brands they follow, but instead 85% of the people surveyed prefer to read and share posts related to food, home and lifestyle topics.

The most common reason followers will unlike or stop following a Facebook page is due to an over-abundance of “marketing” posts. People want to be entertained or informed, not “sold to”.

It makes more sense for you to indulge your followers with the types of posts that suit the lifestyle they would hope to be living in their new home, rather than trying to sell them that home. Think of aspirational posts that draw them into the lifestyle they dream of living.

It might be a recipe for a barbecue sauce before the 4th of July, links to articles you have found about home design trends on, or even a fun thing you have planned with family over the weekend. A personal touch and some creative thinking will help people get to know you and also find following you worth their while.

Catering to the needs and interests of your followers will help them remain engaged with your posts and even inspire them to share them. Posting your newsletters on Facebook and sharing informative videos and virtual tours on YouTube as opposed to the expected real estate sites can help you stand out from the crowd.

Realtour allows you to upload your virtual tours to YouTube with a click of a button. Marketing materials such as eflyers and newsletters provide a browser link that you can easily copy and paste to your social media pages, making it easy to share not only listing information, but interesting newsletters people will enjoy reading.

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